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A Dramatic Reinvention of Mobile News/Talk Apps

What if your News/Talk station could have a mobile app that not only replayed your linear over-the-air stream, but also created something new? That is, what if you could personalize the content to the individual consumer - news, traffic, weather? And what if it could be presented in a non-linear stream, unique to every individual? That's the promise of NewsBeat, a new platform built to give consumers the content they want whenever they want it - not just whenever it happens to run over the air. Watch this Q&A and demonstration between me and Anil Panguluri, NewsBeat's co-founder … [Read more...]


Is Social Media for Conversation – or for Broadcasting?

"Social media is for conversations, not broadcasting." That's a common bromide among social media gurus.  But is it true? This matters to traditional broadcasters, because so much of what we do is built for broadcasting - it's built for "one-to-many."  Should we shoot for more conversation or more distribution? Hubspot's Dan Zarella took a closer look at this question: For blogs, "conversation" means "comments."  But Zarella found no significant correlation between the number of comments a blog post received and the amount of traffic that blog got.  Nor did he find a correlation … [Read more...]


Give your Audience Something to Do

"We're doing a better job at selling what we have online than having content online worth selling." That sums up the comment one of radio's leaders made to me recently.  And it leads to the obvious question:  Given the tremendous reach of radio why don't more folks visit our digital assets? In this picture, I show the uniques (i.e., cume) for one major broadcaster's 24 most popular station sites for the month of September.  Every one of these sites is attached to a reasonably or very large market station, and the station sites at the bottom of this list happen to belong to top ten market … [Read more...]

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