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Tracy Johnson on What Makes Radio Talent Great

What makes radio talent great? Where do you find it? And how can you leverage it? Those are just some of the questions tackled by Tracy Johnson, CEO of the Tracy Johnson Media Group in this Q&A from hivio, the audio future festival. Tracy has a long and decorated career as a broadcast executive, specializing in programming, marketing, talent coaching and management, and he's the author of three books about developing on-air superstars that have been described as The Bible of Personality Radio. Tracy answers these and other questions: What is the state of talent on radio from … [Read more...]


The Unfortunate Farce of Radio Ratings

I just delivered a research project for a broadcaster in a relatively small market. The study contained the opinions of 600 people. Now this market, like virtually all markets, has its radio usage measured by Nielsen - in this case, by diaries. Do you know how long it takes Nielsen to recruit a sample in this market as large as the sample in my research project? Two years. That's right. The sample sizes in markets like this one - and markets like yours - are almost laughably small. In fact, we would all laugh if our direct incentive was to do anything but cry. Recently Tracy … [Read more...]


Social Media Week comes to Mark Ramsey Media

It's social media week here on the MRM blog! I'm going to kick off with a conversation about Facebook - does it matter for your broadcast platform? I'll give you three reasons why it does in the video here: [iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/25288507?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 281] I will not be covering the "how to" basics here.  Those are everywhere online and in the bookstore. Instead, I'm going to address certain key issues that relate specifically to broadcasters. Those will include highlights like these: A conversation with Social Media Examiner founder … [Read more...]


How to Transform your Morning Show into Superstars

Morning Show superstars are something almost every broadcaster wants and only a precious few have.  So how do you get from here to there?  How do transform a show from "good" to "great"? I can't think of anyone better suited to answer this question than Tracy Johnson. Tracy has a long history as a programmer, manager, talent coach and author of several books on developing radio talent.  His brand new book, Morning Radio Revisited: A Guide to Developing On-Air Superstars has just been published and it is a potent gem that every morning show, programmer, and manager should read and … [Read more...]


The “One Thing” your Radio Station Needs

There's this assumption out there that if you make every second of your station great, that's what it takes to bring in the listeners by the boat-load. But do listeners come to you because they love every minute of you?  Or do they come for specific things? I submit to you that everybody has at least "one thing" that invites them to come back to their favorite stations again and again.  Remember, reducing tune-out by stripping out distractions is a noble goal, but there's a manifest difference between keeping people tuned in and getting them back once they've tuned away, as they … [Read more...]

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