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Pandora’s Future in Your Car

Today Radio Ink reported that Pandora is being dropped from Toyota's dash display. The report was based on an email sent to Toyota Entune users by the carmaker. Is this dire for Pandora? Should radio be celebrating? No. And no. I own a late model Toyota and I received that email. First, anyone who is forced to suffer Toyota's miserable Entune entertainment system knows it's easily the worst thing about their Toyota which, fortunately, can be easily circumvented by accessing the content of your choice directly though your mobile phone. Toyota's system is clunky and … [Read more...]


Toyota’s Entune raises the stakes for Radio Online and on the Road

Here's a peek at Toyota's new Entune in-dash entertainment system, which includes Pandora, iheartradio, local search, movie tickets, dinner reservations, and a whole lot more - all powered by an app you download to your mobile device and driven by your phone's data plan. Interestingly, Radio Ink reports that the system includes HD Radio and SiriusXM, too, but it's telling that those assets are nowhere to be found in Toyota's promotional video or on the Entune page of its website.  Does that suggest that these assets are either too fuzzy or too non-compelling to merit a full frontal … [Read more...]


Making Radio Accountable in One Easy Lesson

One of the reasons why ratings are less important than ever is because accountability - measuring what works - is more important than ever. In an ideal world, you need both reach and accountability.  You need stuff to be heard (and seen) by a broad audience - AND you need results for your advertisers.  This, of course, is one of radio's great opportunities in the new - more accountable - world. One of my great frustrations about radio is that we invest so much effort in being heard and so little in being effective for our clients. Consider the all-too-common case where a station is in … [Read more...]

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