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Is there a Business Model for Streaming?

Mike Agovino is COO of Triton Digital, the company at the leading edge of audio's digital transformation and monetization. The digital audio space is changing fast, as is its relationship to advertisers. And nobody is closer to the action than Triton. So what’s new? And what does that mean for broadcasters in particular? This is the last of a two-part conversation. In Part 1 yesterday, we focused on what's new in the digital audio monetization space and what that means for broadcasters in particular. In this part, we focus on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of simulcasting ads between … [Read more...]


R.I.P. Arbitron’s Total Audience Measurement

Earlier this week, a number of leading broadcasters piped in on a scenario whereby Pandora and other online radio services would be measured alongside radio in Arbitron's supposedly forthcoming Total Audience Measurement report, and the most telling word was this one:  "Frightening." Indeed it is "frightening," the thought that a stable ecosystem of radio brands with huge barriers to entry could be penetrated overnight by a theoretically limitless number of present and future online radio brands all nibbling at the same presumably finite trough. Forget the fact that any reasonable observer … [Read more...]


Why Simulcasting Ads on Radio Streams is Dumb

Yesterday I talked with a broadcaster who is considering simulcasting their over-the-air stations with their online streams, including ads. Is this a big middle finger to AFTRA rules which (for now at least) discourage such actions?  You bet it is. They are not alone.  The radio industry's dirty little secret is that many broadcasters are matching their on-air content to their streams, including ads, even as their competitors comply with the rules and "play fair." So why are they considering this, and why is it the easiest and biggest mistake they will make for their … [Read more...]


Who cares about “Total Audience Measurement”?

"Total Audience Measurement" (TAM).  That's Arbitron's term for their in-the-works scheme to count your listeners on whatever platform they're listening to your station (on radio or online) all in one tidy report. I've been thinking a lot about TAM lately, and the closer I look the more questions I have about this latest initiative from our friends in Columbia who have profiting hand over fist from the radio industry even as that industry itself continues to struggle. What problem does "Total Audience Measurement" solve? Presumably the problem is that traditional ratings fail to … [Read more...]

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