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Pandora, Lefsetz, and Common Sense

Every now and then I read something which is so totally off the wall it demands a thoughtful response. So it is with Bob Lefsetz's recent screed on Pandora. Lefsetz, who is more a lightning rod than a beacon for insight, is a former music industry exec who has so many chips on his shoulder, his shoulders are virtually all-chip.  WIRED described him thusly: "Blogger (and digital-era pamphleteer) Bob Lefsetz couldn't make it in the music biz—until he started ranting about how it should be run." Lefsetz writes: Tim Westergren is not running a music service, but a religion. He expects his … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 2)

This is part two of my two-part conversation with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (you can find part one here). By far the best known player in the online radio field, Pandora has now topped 75 million registered users.  And with its introduction into Detroit's auto cycle the obvious question is:  How high is up? Here are some of the questions Joe and I address in this conversation: Just how customized is Pandora's advertising? How critical is that initial registration in providing value to advertisers? How much of the advertising is national, regional, and local? What can terrestrial … [Read more...]

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