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Tell to Win: Peter Guber on Story and Radio

Peter Guber is the former chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures and currently heads the Mandalay Entertainment Group which presents hit films such as The Kids Are All Right and recently partnered in acquiring the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.  Among the award-winning films Guber has produced or executive produced are Midnight Express, Gorillas in the Mist, Batman, and Rain Man.  Peter is the author of a great new best-selling book called Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story. As Peter writes: “Move listeners’ hearts and their feet and wallets will … [Read more...]


Why Don’t you Solve My Problem, Radio?

Every great brand - just like every great culture - has its origin story. Here's one from entrepreneur Chad Hurley: We were having a party in San Francisco in the pre-YouTube era.  We'd shot a lot of great videos of our guests, which we wanted to load onto the Internet to share with our friends and family.  But uploading was time-consuming and complicated, and the net result looked like garbage.  It shot our enthusiasm and the fun of the moment was lost. Anyone in that situation would feel the same way, they realized, since the impulse to share joyful experiences immediately is … [Read more...]

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