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Help your Clients Buy Better

A local media company. That's what broadcast groups are thinking of themselves as nowadays, thanks to lots of folks like me (even if too many of them remain radio or TV groups with tangential digital assets, but that's another story). If you're a local media company, part of your job is to maximize the success of your client partners on their terms, whatever those are:  Foot traffic, awareness, the ring of the cash register, etc.  It's not simply to stock more items in more categories and pitch them harder. It constantly amazes me that so many of our digital assets are built to sell … [Read more...]


Radio Broadcasters are Measuring the Wrong Things

Yes, I get it.  We're addicted to ratings. But treating our digital assets as proverbial red-headed step-children does them - and us - no favors. Take a page from our friends in television.  Look at what can happen when you actually commit (from Broadcasting & Cable): NBC Local Media said Tuesday that its city Web sites are delivering double-digit audience growth versus one year ago. Comparing August 2010 to August 2009, monthly page views have increased 32% to 112 million, monthly unique visits are up 20% to 12 million and total visits per month grew 15% to 15 million. Users … [Read more...]

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