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Fred Jacobs on the Emotional Attractions to Radio

In this highlight from the Jacobs Media TechSurvey8 poll, Fred Jacobs summarizes the key ways broadcasters can tap into the emotional benefits of radio to improve the lives (and the listening) of its audiences. Fred's points remind me of a regular theme in this blog and his own: ¬†That radio's advantages over competing technologies do not require doing the same thing the other guys are doing, but rather doing what radio does really well that those other guys can't or won't do - as long as it's solving a problem or fulfilling a need for our consumers. This clip is from a session I recorded … [Read more...]


A Chilling Measure of How Listeners see Pandora vs. Radio

A recent Jacobs Media research finding noted that 43% of Pandora users say the service should be considered "radio" while 49% say it should not. These stats should chill you. And that's not just because 43% is such a large number or that it comes from actual listeners. It's because the average listener should not care whether or not Pandora is classified as "radio," so the largest answer should be "don't know - because I've never even thought about it." ¬†They should not be thinking about an issue like this because it's of concern primarily to the industry that owns the labels, not to … [Read more...]

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