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Social Media for Radio the #ChrisHardwick Way

What is this show @midnight that has exploded in ratings and social media buzz since its debut last October? And why should radio care? You should care because @midnight and its creator/host Chris Hardwick have cracked the code on how to use Twitter - and there's much you can learn from their strategy. Writes The Wrap: Hardwick's “@midnight” on Comedy Central – a half-hour comedy/talk/game show hybrid that, as its name suggests, deals with all things internet and social media – is arguably the best series currently on television when it comes to harnessing social media buzz. The show … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Make a Better Radio Blog

Earlier this week I argued that DJ blogs often are a waste of time and effort. Today I'm going to share a few thoughts on how to make them better. 1. You don't need a DJ blog There is no requirement that your digital platform include a DJ blog. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. And just because many of the stations around you are producing a waste of bits and bytes doesn't mean you should follow suit. So first of all, ease up. 2. You do need a digital strategy Do you need a digital platform for your brand? Yes. Do you need a blog for every DJ on your staff (or any … [Read more...]


Radio’s Social Media Lessons from Hollywood

Who in the world is Gordon Paddison? Do you remember the movie Wedding Crashers when that viral video made the rounds where you paste your own face over the face of one of the stars of the movie and you send it to your friends?  That was the work of Gordon Paddison. What about the social hubbub surrounding Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, one of the most popular movie franchises of all time? That, too, was the work of Gordon Paddison. Gordon is the head of a company called Stradella Road, a branding and marketing and social media company specializing in the entertainment space and … [Read more...]


What “Content” should you have Online?

"Okay, you keep saying content matters so much. Then what content should I have on my site?" This is a common question, and it reflects a common and unfortunate search for tactics before strategy. Which is why it's followed by this common strategy-free question: "Who's doing a really good job of this?" What you do with your digital assets is a reflection of strategy, not tactics.  To do otherwise is not only to put the cart before the horse, it's to chase your own tail and the tails of all the other radio digital assets you mistakenly use as points of reference. It leaves you in … [Read more...]

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