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Radio’s Tablet Future

To understand the future you have to understand the folks who will populate it, especially those folks coming into demos that matter - and those are the so-called Millennials, the 76 million Americans born between 1978 and 2000 who today are between 12 and 34 or so. Check out these important facts about millennials - especially millennial tablet owners - from Magid Associates: Slightly more than half of all tablet owners are Millennials. Thirty-five percent of adult Millennials own a tablet. Nearly half of all males in this group own a tablet—that’s higher than any other … [Read more...]


TV is going Social and Interactive; What about Radio?

It is estimated that 23% of American consumers will own a tablet by 2012 (up from an estimated 12% now).  Tablets are built to be interactive media devices (among other things) and their penetration will only promote the transformation of TV into an interactive experience, including interactive advertising. And the explosion of apps powered by mobile devices and tablets alike has enabled a slew of startups built around the proposition of socializing the TV experience. For example, Yahoo's IntoNow listens to what you're watching: IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your … [Read more...]

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