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Representing Radio at SXSW

One of the drumbeats at the recent hivio radio ideas festival was that broadcasters spend too much time in their radio-only silos and not nearly enough time crossing media and conference boundaries to mingle with new people and new ideas (indeed, this was one of the motivating drives behind hivio in the first place). Here's a chance for you to change that. Patrick Reynolds, Chief Strategy Officer of Triton Digital, is trying to get a session related to radio and audio on the agenda for the upcoming SXSW conference (you and I are the folks that vote for the "winning" sessions for SXSW). … [Read more...]


Increase Radio’s Profile at SXSW!

In this transmedia world of ours any gathering that attracts only folks from one medium is missing the point. SXSW is no such gathering, and radio should be represented alongside music, film, and interactive.  Want to know where radio's future is?  It's in attendance at SXSW and other such conferences. Now you have a chance to elevate radio's role at SXSW and it's only a click away. If you think, as most everyone in radio does, that the current system of music royalties is an almost arbitrary crazy quilt mess of onerous free enterprise-killing penalties, then here's your chance to do … [Read more...]


Are We Innovative Enough?

The short answer is "no." In the mediaverse where there are no lines between radio and other media, we have the "permission" of each of our "listeners" to invite them to a relationship with us across platforms. I explore this issue in this excerpt from a presentation I gave with Joaquin Alvarado, the SVP Digital Strategy and Education of American Public Media.  The event was the Integrated Media Association Conference in Austin on the cusp of SXSW. Watch this interchange with Joaquin and you'll get a good sense of where I see radio's future headed (and hear why I think the notion of … [Read more...]

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