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Why Aren’t Radio Program Directors Compensated on Top Line Revenue?

Once upon a time a radio station featured two opposing forces: The sellers who sold the ads that interrupted the content and the programmers who created the content to grow the audience that sellers interrupted. The system was built to do two things: Maximize the audience and then throw obstacles at them - spots - that blocked their ability to enjoy the content they came to the brand for in the first place. Sounds like a house of cards, doesn't it? While each side - sellers and programmers - needed the other, the success of each was also compromised by the other. As if to reinforce this … [Read more...]


Radio Thinking is not Platform Thinking

Recently CNN's Fareed Zakaria spoke with Sony Chairman Howard Stringer about Japan's post-crisis economic recovery. In the context of that discussion, Stringer talked about the evolution of his own company, Sony, in the wake of a different kind of Tsunami - the kind Apple let loose on the world of mobile devices and entertainment beginning with its iPod and continuing to this day. Sony, Stringer explained, was once building vertical devices for vertical markets.  The company was blindsided by Apple's moves because Apple's solutions were developed horizontally - across applications and … [Read more...]


Do Radio Programmers and Sellers Hate Each Other?

Okay, that's an exaggeration.  Let's just say the average program director and the average seller don't always see eye-to-eye. And who can blame them? After all, on one side they're protecting the product experience for the audience, and on the other side they're protecting the business model for the clients, the owners, and the employees. But here's the newsflash:  All that is changing. Watch this video and see how the structure of the average radio station is all wrong.  And a new structure will yield unparalleled cooperation between the product folks and the sales folks who, for … [Read more...]

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