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Interacting with Audio Ads by Voice – XAPPMedia’s Pat Higbie

Is "touch" broken, when it comes to advertising? That's the argument from XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie in this presentation from hivio 2015, the audio future festival. So what's not broken? Your ability to activate advertising outcomes with your voice. Especially using mobile devices and when you're on-the-go. XAPPmedia's XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that connect consumers directly with brands. Consumers can respond to ads instantly with just their voice. Watch this video and see (or hear) for yourself: Make sure to sign up at hivio.com if you want to be in the loop for … [Read more...]


“Pandora Helps Apple Sell More Music”

Maybe it's time to stop asking Pandora how they feel about Apple's pending entry into the streaming radio marketplace and start asking Spotify the same question. So argues GigaOm in this piece. And just-released data from the NPD Group tell the tale: One third (38 percent) of U.S. consumers surveyed reported that it is still important to own music, and 30 percent believe that listening to albums is important. Among consumers who listened to music on Pandora and other free music-streaming services, 41 percent reported that owning music was important to them; in fact, many free streamers … [Read more...]


How Radio Can Battle Pandora – Part 2: Beyond Music

(This is part 2 of the post.  For part 1, go here) Recently, the radio industry has obsessed on a few low hanging strengths relative to Pandora:  "We're local," "we're big," "we're useful in an emergency." I have already talked about the flaw in "we're big." Ditto "we're local" ("local" is not a mailing address, it's what you do that's local. "Local" is not Lady Gaga.  By the way, Pandora is personal which in many ways is better than "local"). Ditto radio's unquestioned value in an emergency.  True though it is, it's a weak argument because the value proposition of radio should be … [Read more...]


How Radio Can Battle Pandora – Part 1: Wake Up Radio

When broadcasters take a break from diminishing Pandora long enough to recognize that they have to worry about it, how do they respond? More than a few broadcast companies are rushing to figure out how to manufacture personalized versions of their radio brands (yes, misbegotten "Pandora is a feature" crowd, I'm talking to you).  The idea is that this functionality has great consumer appeal, and Pandora's success at offering it is a threat to the broader radio industry. This functionality does have great consumer appeal, but that doesn't mean it's the recipe for conventional radio.  And … [Read more...]


“Pandora is Not Radio,” says Radio Ink. Oh yes it is.

From Slacker's Jonathan Sasse in the LA Times: "If you look at where broadcast radio is going, it looks like they're trying to become what online radio used to be,"  Sasse said. "What we're trying to become is what broadcast radio used to be, which is radio that's expertly programmed and tailored to you. It used to be that when I came to a new town, I'd find an awesome station with a local DJ that talks about the music in my city, the concerts in my city and play some new music. Radio done right can be really good. And broadcast radio is really missing out, because they've just turned into … [Read more...]


Inside Pandora’s Evolving Strategy

Will Pandora expand to spoken word (I hate that term passionately) content? Not any time soon, I think.  But here's the take from the New York Times: [In Pandora's initial public offering], when discussing the competition, Pandora notes that this non-musical content gives “terrestrial” radio stations an edge over its service. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Pandora will be announcing a slate of talk shows tomorrow, or that it’s actively developing a service in this vein — those other formats might just be on the roadmap for the future. It’s also not clear how this would fit in … [Read more...]


Pandora Today and Tomorrow – Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (Part 2)

This is part two of my two-part conversation with Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy (you can find part one here). By far the best known player in the online radio field, Pandora has now topped 75 million registered users.  And with its introduction into Detroit's auto cycle the obvious question is:  How high is up? Here are some of the questions Joe and I address in this conversation: Just how customized is Pandora's advertising? How critical is that initial registration in providing value to advertisers? How much of the advertising is national, regional, and local? What can terrestrial … [Read more...]


The State of Online Radio

What's new in online radio and what are the implications for advertising? That was the topic in a recent conference call hosted for a technology audience, not an audience of broadcasters. One of my great joys is listening in or participating in the Yi-Tan Tech Community "Conversations about Change" call.  It's a weekly conference call directed towards tech-savvy listeners, executives, and investors, and it's hosted by Jerry Michalski and Pip Coburn. Recently the topic was the state of online radio and its value as an advertising medium. I was one of the guests on the call along … [Read more...]

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