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Tell the Second Story

Recently I was interviewed by a reporter for a major advertising trade, and she asked me whether broadcasters "see the light" that shines on future opportunities, or are they stuck in the past, defending an industry structure that will never be what it once was. Many do see that light, I explained.  And there are two stories broadcasters can tell, one of which is unfortunately favored over the other. The first story is one of decline. It's one where radio reacts reflexively to claims that "nobody cares about radio anymore" with evidence to the contrary.  It's one where broadcasters … [Read more...]


PPM Ratings Horror Stories

Imagine you're around a campfire on a dark and cold night. Is it time to tell a scary tale?  You bet it is.   And if it's a tale of ratings horror, what could be scarier? And if you prefer your horror in audio form, click here. [audio:http://blip.tv/file/get/Markramsey-RatingsHORRORStories321.mp3] Is it too early for Arbitron to go "Boo!"? Nope, it's never too early for that.(P.S. In my world 88% plus 22% does not really equal 100%) … [Read more...]

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