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Apple Watch Fail?

Apple Watch #fail? And Reese Witherspoon – Actress or Online Retail Brand? It's episode 19 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus rants and raves on topics like the puzzling logic of the millionaire co-founding failure of the Secret app, the myth that streaming music is “free,” the wax museum that’s featuring YouTube stars, and the WordPress plugin that creates catchy headlines just like all the other catchy headlines. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're … [Read more...]


This is Research Steve Jobs Never Would Have Used

I have nothing against Mark Kassof, although I interviewed for a job with him at the very beginning of my career and he didn't hire me. Of course, some would say he made the right decision there. Kassof just released a piece of research which aims to prove not only that radio is primarily "local" but woe unto any broadcaster who thinks otherwise. Here's his first question: Now think about media – TV, radio, newspapers, the internet and so on. Some media are mainly local – focused on serving one city or town – while others are mainly national – focused on the serving the entire … [Read more...]


Technology (and Media) After Steve

One of the lasting gifts of technology in general and Steve Jobs and Apple in particular is not the technology itself but what that technology allows us to do. I don't just mean what "problems" the technology can solve.  Nor do I only mean what tasks that technology allows us to complete - its function in the world. While technology does put the proverbial power in the hands of the people to unsettle and disrupt one mature and profitable mega-industry after another, it does something else today - something important: It lets us express who we are and thus be more of who we want to … [Read more...]


What Broadcasters can learn from Steve Jobs – the Tao of Steve

What lesson does Apple's just-departed Steve Jobs have for broadcasters? As one Appler once told me, "Steve doesn't think anybody listens to the radio." And while this person's tongue may have been placed slightly in cheek, it's certainly true that Steve doesn't think anybody should be limited to what they hear on the radio. I once caught sight of Jobs on the Apple campus.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, and there was Steve talking to a coworker a few feet away.  As a result of his health issues he's a slight man, almost unrecognizable in a crowd.  His presence does not shout "charisma," … [Read more...]


Can Radio Change the World?

One of the media genres I work in regularly is Christian radio. There is something different about a project with Christian format broadcasters from one with more conventional, let alone commercial, broadcasters. And what's different isn't simply the source of funding or the familiarity of the songs on the air. What's different - what's palpable - is that everyone on staff knows the brand stands for something bigger.  And this feeling is generally lacking for most broadcasters in most formats.  But why? Think about it, what does YOUR station stand for that's bigger than the format … [Read more...]


WHY there’s an “App for That”

The best argument for why you - or your clients, for that matter - could benefit from their own branded app is not "because everyone seems to have one" or "because my competitor has one." Nor is it because "I have to get my stream on a mobile device." The best argument is because mobile devices and the applications which power their potentialities are central to the experience of consumers, especially the younger ones who have never known a world without them. And that argument is well-framed in this presentation from Marta Kagan. But keep this in mind:  It's not about being on … [Read more...]

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