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Music Discovery is Overrated

Last week Seth Godin penned a piece titled "Discovery Fatigue." In it he argued that a little bit of discovery goes a long way, and the zeal to discover at the beginning of something wanes as time and life go on. Seth offers three reasons for this: First, once you're busy with what you've got, it diminishes the desire to get more.¬†Second, discovery is exhausting. Putting on a new pair of glasses, seeing the world or hearing the world or understanding the world in a new way is a lot more work than merely cruising through a typical day.¬†And third, infinity is daunting. A birdwatcher might … [Read more...]


Do Less Better

Everybody wants more. At least that's what they say. We can be led astray by this, of course, because we can prove almost any point when we go to consumers and ask them "what if we also gave you this?" They will almost always say "yes." This is true of new features to our products and new choices in our portfolios. We say we want a zillion choices then become so paralyzed by these choices that we very often opt out of the decision to choose altogether in favor of something simpler and more familiar. This, for example, is a big advantage of traditional radio which, for all its … [Read more...]

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