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Social Media is a Mirror

Why does a relatively small fraction of your audience "like" you on Facebook? Because, as Shama Kabani reminds us, you're looking in the wrong mirror. Shama is a celebrated social media author, entrepreneur, and card-carrying member of the digerati (she is also a one-time interview subject on this blog). In a recent piece in Inc. she pointed out the one basic social media mistake that most businesses make: ┬áPeople don't use social media to connect with businesses--or even with each other. People use social media to showcase their own identities. Says Shama: Most companies still focus … [Read more...]


The Zen of Social Media for Radio

She's Shama Kabani, author of the "everything you wanted to know about social media but were afraid to ask" tell-all The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue. She's also head of the Marketing Zen Group, one of the leading companies stoking the social media whirlwind. I spoke with Shama about media in general and radio in particular in this conversation. What, exactly, should radio do to expand its social media reach and effectiveness? If you prefer your video in audio form, go … [Read more...]

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