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Media Unplugged: Donald Trump’s 10 Brand Secrets – Revealed!

Donald Trump’s ten brand secrets – revealed! And… From stodgy magazine to multimedia juggernaut – how The New Yorker did it. It’s episode 36 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Plus, rants and raves on the meaninglessness of taglines, the platform that can turn your idea into a book in just 12 hours, and more. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button below: And if you're reading this by email, click here for the audio. For show notes go to the Media Unplugged site. Sample and … [Read more...]


Christian Music Radio: 10 Secrets of Success Revealed

Nobody had ever done this before. What if you take the leading programmers to one popular format and ask them a slew of in-depth questions about the way they program their stations, how they conduct fundraising, how they market and what they spend, how they perceive the priorities for their brands, etc? Then what if you correlate all that data with ratings outcomes? This gives you the ability to see what best practices - what "secrets of success" - characterize the highest-rated stations in the format. This past week I was honored to be a featured speaker at the Christian Music … [Read more...]


How to Monetize Online Radio

One of my great pleasures in life is being proved right - because it's so much better than the alternative. I have argued long and hard for online radio as an important piece of radio's digital portfolio, yet I have been faced with all the usual push-back.  From stations that unplug their streams - and get lots of attention from the radio industry for doing so - to stations that turn their stream into a subscriber-only affair and settle for whatever short term gains will arise from that effort. I have even had a major group head tell me outright: "There's no money to be made in online … [Read more...]

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