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Getting Sirius about Howard Stern’s Next Step

From Inside Radio: Analysts: Sirius XM “would be fine” without Stern. The satcaster’s high penetration in automobiles and partnerships with carmakers will keep its subscriber rolls strong for years to come, according to analysts. “The company’s in a pretty good position and their operations would be fine and continue even if they lost subscribers because of Stern,” BGB Securities analyst Murray Arenson tells Reuters. Despite the “Where you go Howard, we go” mindset of many of Stern’s fans, Barrington Research analyst James Goss says the listeners who followed Stern to Sirius XM may not be … [Read more...]


Howard Stern will stay at Sirius XM

I have no insider information on this topic, but it seems to me overwhelmingly likely that Howard Stern's marriage to Mel Karmazin at Sirius XM will continue for another few years. Here's why: 1.  Less is More on Satellite Radio A little bit of name value goes a long way.  Howard currently works four days a week with plenty of weeks off.  Has this turned off Stern fans?  I doubt it. And Howard seems to want to work less in the future than he does now.  Call it a "slow fade," call it "part-time, call it whatever you want.  But you will not call it "retired." It's very likely that … [Read more...]


Google has glimpsed the future…and it may be yours

More confirmation that Google is set to roll out a music download service linked to its search capabilities with iTunes in its sights.  And that's to be followed by a streaming service in 2011 and sights set on...you. From the Wall Street Journal: The first phase of Google's music service is expected to be a Web store where users can buy and download tracks, music industry insiders said. It will be tied directly to Google's search engine, so that people using Google.com to look for a particular group or song will be served a link to the company's music store, according to … [Read more...]


Remember when Sirius/XM was a technological advancement?

Sirius/XM continues to chug along, thanks in no small part to the rebirth of the auto market and the subscription trials that come along with so many new vehicles rolling off the showroom floor (that's a credit to their business model, not an insult). But in the midst of this growth, Sirius/XM has lost something which has gone virtually unnoticed:  Portable units. Maybe these things never sold that well in the first place.  I'm talking about the Stiletto 100 and the Stiletto 2.  They were, after all, clunky and poorly designed alternatives to mp3 players - satellite … [Read more...]

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