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What Google+ and Hangouts can do for Radio Broadcasters

Among the presenters at this year's hivio radio ideas festival were two Google execs: Gabriela D'Addario and Maggie Ferrante. They are part of the team introducing media companies to Google's social and communication platforms: Google+ and Hangouts (I just peeked at Google+ and jumped on a live Q&A between the LA Times and Aaron Paul from AMC's Breaking Bad). We live-streamed hivio on Hangouts Live and built our event base on Google+, and it worked great. It seems to me that any broadcaster with talent behind a mic - particularly those whose fortunes are made by those talents - would … [Read more...]


Lessons for Radio from a World-Class Brand: The San Diego Zoo

What could radio broadcasters possibly learn from a Zoo? Ask the folks at hivio, the first inaugural radio ideas festival, because this conversation between me and San Diego Zoo Global Brand Manager Michael Warburton turned out to be one of the "hits" of the event, and it had the room buzzing. Some highlights: How legendary brands can keep fresh Why bother to go beyond "good enough" in all the actions of your brand (hint: Because the extra effort matters to fans and they appreciate it) Why "radio" means something very specific and might be the wrong name for something like … [Read more...]


Radio’s First Ideas Festival is Right Around the Corner

It's called hivio, and it's just over two weeks away! It's radio's first-ever ideas festival - a free, invitation-only event. We've got a full house at our secret location in San Diego on June 20 - dozens of folks have been formally invited and RSVP'd. If you're not on the guest list. don't sweat it. You can watch the whole thing online live! It's a day full of presentations, demos, and discussion with tons of authorities from outside radio about the radio and audio space and the central role of quality content in its future. Here's who's speaking or part of a one-on-one … [Read more...]


Have You Signed Up Yet for Radio’s First Ever (FREE) Ideas Festival?

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/SK_LaUbAA0I?rel=0 500 281] Have you joined the hive yet? Last week I introduced hivio, radio's first-ever ideas festival. It's a FREE event and you can watch it and participate in it, either in person or on-demand. This is my last abject pitch in this blog for you to sign up for the event. So don't miss out! It's going to be an exciting day, including Q&A with Pandora founder Tim Westergren, a presentation from the folks at Google - and much more. So far, the positive response has been overwhelming. More than 300 people have signed up … [Read more...]


Introducing hivio – Radio’s First-Ever Ideas Festival

I'm sick and tired of radio being sick and tired.  Aren't you? In this era of choice and abundance and consumer control, people will continue to embrace radio primarily because it offers them something they can't get anywhere else, something unique and compelling. Or they won't embrace radio at all. So how to explain the results of a survey I conducted last week - 1,000 random US respondents ages 18 and up. The question: Agree or Disagree - "Radio brands create unique and compelling content" The results? That's more than 3-to-1 in the wrong direction. And the younger you … [Read more...]


Probing Radio and Social Media

What does radio have to do with social media and vice versa? Last week I was honored to speak with Cantore Creative founder Chris Cantore at the latest Social Media Breakfast meeting in San Diego. Cantore is knee-deep in social media and other cross-platform media projects for broadcasters and brands.  And the crowd that gathered that morning was full of digital natives, technologists, PR and agency pros, and brand reps. Number of working radio folks in attendance besides Chris and me: Zero by my count. Even with a free breakfast at stake. And for the record, nobody who … [Read more...]

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