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It’s Time to Drop Nielsen’s PPM

Aren't you tired of PPM yet? From Tom Taylor Now: How many PPMs does Nielsen allow in one household? Answer – up to 16. Does that sound large? One current in-tab household has 13 meters, and nine of them belong to people under the age of 17. Nielsen likes stability on the panel, and this particular household has been in the sample for quite a while. Imagine replacing them when they leave after as much as a two-year tenure. That will require placement into multiple households to achieve 13 new meter-carriers, and it costs Nielsen money. But a couple of stations in Nielsen markets aren’t … [Read more...]


Raise your hand if your PPM ratings are based on one household

From Inside Radio: As more markets convert to electronic measurement, programmers face a conundrum. Minute-by-minute PPM listening data for features, artist interviews and other programming elements often doesn’t square with traditional popularity indicators, such as perceptual research. That disconnect has created a friction between maximizing current ratings performance and building and maintaining a strong brand. It’s causing PDs to reevaluate benchmarks that have helped build their brands, from music features like “Mandatory Metallica” to call-in shows such as Loveline. “We had a feature … [Read more...]

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