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Podcast Listeners are Too Smart

Well, not "too smart" per se, but too well educated. And not "too well educated" per se, but so educated they are out of step with the rest of America, or as I like to call them/us: Regular people. Here's the colorful proof, based on Census data and Edison Research data: Yep. 41% of Americans are graced with a High School education or less. Only 12% have Graduate degrees. Compare that to the regular Podcast listener. Only 15% H.S. or less. 30% have Graduate degrees - almost 60% Bachelors Degrees or above. DOUBLE that of typical America. Now these numbers are not perfectly … [Read more...]


Lessons for Radio from the Roseanne Revival

Well the ratings are in, and the revival of the classic sitcom Roseanne is a huge hit: The first two episodes of Roseanne, a full hour at the top of the ABC lineup, won the night by both adults 18-49 and total viewers. The show averaged a 5.1 rating in the key demo and 18.1 million viewers, rising from the first half hour to the next. The first number alone is enough to make Roseanne the highest-rated regularly scheduled scripted show of the last few seasons, since Empire at its peak, as well as the highest-rated sitcom broadcast in over three years. Those are big numbers, folks. And they … [Read more...]

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