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How to Measure NPR’s Success in a Digital Age

Is NPR’s performance on the digital front a sign that radio’s digital evolution has stalled? Or, worse, that it’s just a big hairy mistake? So says would-be town crier Richard Harker. Harker’s basic point is right on: Broadcasters should direct some of their innovative attention towards content on traditional radio channels and not only experiment with all things digital. I agree! But saying innovative effort should be spread around is different from saying initiatives on the digital front are a waste. Yet that’s what Harker seems to say with the example of NPR, where he steps into … [Read more...]


The Truth about Eroding Radio Listening

Last week in MediaDailyNews, these results were trumpeted: Comparing listening patterns from spring 2009 to spring 2010, [Researcher Richard] Harker found that the proportion of the U.S. population that is listening to broadcast radio actually grew from 91.4% to 93% over that period. Average weekly listening dipped about 1%, or 11 minutes, to 17.4 hours per week. The conclusion?  That "digital alternatives have failed to make a big dent in local broadcast radio listening." This is flat out wrong, and I'll show you why, using Arbitron's own data. First, the interpretation reported here … [Read more...]

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