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Audio is a Feature, Not an Industry

So what does it mean when the radio industry headlines lead with debt-burdened iHeartMedia and this: iHeartMedia Battles Angry Creditors as Bankruptcy Looms. What does it mean when the next headline is about Cumulus, and this quotation: "Q4 and 2015 results dismal as radio's decline shows no signs of stabilization." What does it mean when CBS announces their plan to spin all of their radio assets while at the same time vowing to boost revenue $3.75 Billion by 2020 based on everything except radio: Retransmission fees, OTT, international projects, and more? What does it mean when … [Read more...]


Slacker adds On-Demand Features

Here's part two of my conversation with Slacker VP Marketing Jonathan Sasse. In part one we discussed the future of online radio - especially the shape online radio will take in your automobiles. Here we complete the chat with an overview of the new premium on-demand service coming soon to Slacker which will put Slacker on par with existing and forthcoming services like Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio and other services. (If that sounds like a crowded field, it is.  But why should Slacker fans spend their money elsewhere if this is an additional service Slacker can provide?) Here's the … [Read more...]

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