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Is Radio “Relevant”?

I was struck by the following exchange about radio's relevance - or lack thereof - from Radio Ink: Entercom CEO David Field got the hair on his back up a little bit yesterday when speaking at a Wells Fargo Media Conference yesterday. When answering a question about whether radio was relevant anymore, Field said there's "a lack of respect for what radio is and has accomplished" out there. "More people listen to radio than ever before. When you aggregate all the other listening of audio, it's still less than 10%. Radio is still over 90%. Go compare that to TV. They never have to answer about … [Read more...]


Go Ahead – Kill Your Radio Stream

"Is it time to kill that clunky stream?" reads the headline in the Radio Ink piece.  It is an interview with the National Associate Director of SAG/AFTRA. First, the premise that a "clunky stream" is the norm, let alone the state of the art, is wrong. A clean stream is as close as some simple best practices available from the streaming provider of your choice.  A "clunky stream" is typically the result of station inattention, not technological insufficiency. Second, If you want to kill the stream, kill the stream and stop looking for rationalized excuses to do so. But be aware: Maybe … [Read more...]


Surprise! Advertisers want Results and Tracking!

That's the lesson from the vivid interview just posted by Radio Ink with a New Jersey car dealer. Much credit goes to Radio Ink for this post, because I have no doubt that they will receive oodles of complaint emails from broadcasters who presume that the secrets of accountability can be kept from their clients in a digital world. Well, they can't. From Radio Ink: William Feinstein is the President of Planet Honda in New Jersey. He was so impressed with the results and the trackability of his campaign with Pandora that he signed on for a year. Yesterday Feinstein pulled up his … [Read more...]


Time to Trash Pandora?

The rhetoric is heating to the boiling point, and I think it's about time to throw a bit of cold water on it. I'm talking about Pandora - and who isn't? Radio Ink: Pandora CEO Joseph Kennedy stepped up his assault on radio yesterday as he detailed some of his sales and ratings plans, hoping to take a chunk of radio's $17.4 billion revenue pie. Just for the record, that's not an "assault on radio" since any party with an advertising-based medium has as much opportunity to invite the dollars of advertisers as any other.  Those are not "radio's" dollars, they are advertisers' dollars and … [Read more...]


Leave the Digital Strategy to Muggles

Recently, Roy Williams, the "Wizard of Ads," had this to say in the print version of Radio Ink: I strongly believe radio should not look to the Web as a growth center for profits.  That would be short-term and counter-productive. I believe a radio station's digital assets should be given away as added value for radio's broadcast advertisers.... You're not in the Internet business. What? Wow. While I have great respect for wizards ever since I watched one vanquish Voldemort last weekend, this particular one needs a new spell: Realitus Perceptus! I have read Roy's books and have … [Read more...]


Don’t “Put All of your Energy into Selling Commercials”

When you are a consistently top-ranked station in a top-ranked market taking in advertising dollars hand over fist it's bound to skew your view of the future given your enormous stake in the present. The inability of today's leaders to see tomorrow squarely is as old as industry leadership itself.  Just ask our friends in the music business. How else to explain the opinion of Jerry Lee, a renowned broadcaster who some time ago did away with streaming and is now trying hard to convince you he's right and you're wrong. "The reason we stopped streaming," says Lee "is that it’s a bad … [Read more...]


“Pandora is Not Radio,” says Radio Ink. Oh yes it is.

From Slacker's Jonathan Sasse in the LA Times: "If you look at where broadcast radio is going, it looks like they're trying to become what online radio used to be,"  Sasse said. "What we're trying to become is what broadcast radio used to be, which is radio that's expertly programmed and tailored to you. It used to be that when I came to a new town, I'd find an awesome station with a local DJ that talks about the music in my city, the concerts in my city and play some new music. Radio done right can be really good. And broadcast radio is really missing out, because they've just turned into … [Read more...]


The NAB doesn’t seem to understand Radio’s Future

Sometimes the NAB doesn't understand the future of its own industry. I'm referring to one point written by NAB to Radio Ink and following up their royalty settlement proposal which was evidently so out of tune with the expectations of the folks on the other side of the table, they have reportedly called off any further negotiations: Consider what we might get in return [for paying a performance fee]...Decreased streaming rates and the ability to simulcast our signal -- commercials and all -- on our respective websites, increasing radio's ability to grow our online revenue. This is so full … [Read more...]

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