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Radio’s Spot on the New Dashboard – Time to Do a Deal?

This past week I had a conversation with someone knowledgeable in the auto technology space: "The dash is getting crowded and complicated," she argued, "and the harder to find a radio station is the less apt folks will be to listen to it." "But if the content is compelling enough, they will seek it out," I replied. "Ease of use trumps compelling content," she argued back. "It has to be easy to find and use first, and some of these new dashboards don't even have an FM/AM button." Now this is abjectly true: You can't listen to what you can't find. But what are the consequences of … [Read more...]


CBS Sports Radio gets Interactive (and so should you)

From Inside Radio: Aiming to bring talk radio fans closer to the studio, CBS Radio is beta testing a new iPhone app that enables faster, more spontaneous ways for listeners to get involved with its shows. Sports “The Fan” WFAN, New York (660) afternoon host Mike Francesa is the guinea pig for AudioRoadShow, which went live yesterday afternoon. CBS Local Digital Media president Ezra Kucharz called the new app “game-changing for sports radio” for its ability to let hosts quickly take the pulse on talk show topics and guests. For example, Ten Seconds of Glory, the digital equivalent of the … [Read more...]


Is Radio a Digital Laggard?

That’s what Inside Radio reports, based on a new Borrell Associates study: In what may best be described as a digital wake up call, Borrell Associates says the radio industry is “barely treading water” in the local digital space and is poised to see its share shrink — not grow — unless there’s a rethink in the coming years. “Radio stations continued to deliver lackluster performance in internet sales,”  Borrell Associates president Gordon Borrell. “Outside of local cable companies and magazines, radio performed the worst among all legacy media companies,” Borrell says. But here’s what’s lost … [Read more...]

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