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How Great Creative Makes Audio Advertising Sexy

Is it important for creative to make audio advertising sexy? Okay, not necessarily "sexy," per se - but seductive, compelling, irresistible? Yes, I think so. And Yaman Coskun explains why and how. Yaman is CEO of Yamanair, whose products include Cash by Creative. Click the play button below to watch the video: And while we're at it, can someone please ban spots that repeat phone numbers four times? If I wanted to remember a phone number I wouldn't own a smartphone. … [Read more...]


Maybe You’re Trying to Monetize the Wrong Thing

"We have to drive more traffic to our site!" How many times have we heard that - or said it? Why is this our goal?  Well, maybe it's because the site is where our display ads are and the more eyeballs we get there the better off we perceive ourselves to be.  Maybe it's because we're a program director and part of our incentive structure is based on site uniques.  Maybe it's just because we equate more site traffic with a more successful brand. No matter how you cut it, however, I think it's the wrong question to ask.  And here's why: Your website is not a destination, it's simply part … [Read more...]

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