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Your Audio Advertising Needs to be More Human

Alex Blumberg is the creator of the popular podcast Startup and founder of the new podcasting network, Gimlet Media. Given his deep background in public media, it's fair to ask what anyone in the commercial audio space might learn from Alex about audio advertising. What the heck does he know, anyway? Well, Gimlet Media is powered in no small part by advertisers, and Alex brings his knowledge of storytelling to bear when he crafts ads for his clients. His goal is to extract what he describes as "honest and authentic feelings" from the people at the heart of the brands sponsoring his … [Read more...]


Will Kickstarter Disrupt Public Radio?

Kickstarter is one of several crowdsourced funding platforms.  Have a pet project?  Post it there and let the crowd fund it for you (or not). Recently the folks at public radio program developer PRX (friends of mine) have been experimenting with crowdsourcing development funds for some of their programs, including the third season of a show about design and architecture, 99% Invisible. The results for this show in particular have been very strong:  Almost $100,000 raised as of this writing - more than double their goal. GigaOm argues that this kind of funding model might upset the … [Read more...]


The Upside-Down World of Public Radio Funding

Once upon a time "NPR" stood for "National Public Radio," and the "radio" in NPR was the exclusive means of distributing the network's content. This was an era when stations would solicit funds from listeners to support this and other programming and send a big chunk of those funds back to the network. That was then, this is now. Today, radio is not the distribution channel for NPR content, it is simply another distribution channel for that content (albeit the most important one).  Yet the funding equation works precisely the same way, and that's confounding. Because when radio … [Read more...]


“We Don’t Feel Like We’re a Radio Station”

You can limit yourself by your delivery mechanism. That's the message from Jennifer Ferro, General Manager of LA's legendary non-commercial juggernaut KCRW. Quoting Jennifer: We have never thought of ourselves as a radio station. The radio is just the delivery device.  It's all the gooey stuff that we think up, create, and analyze that makes us what we are. And KCRW most recently illustrated this very concept in their groundbreaking iPad app, the Music Mine, developed in conjunction with PRX. Watch and listen to the way Jennifer describes the vision for KCRW, and recognize that she … [Read more...]


Are We Innovative Enough?

The short answer is "no." In the mediaverse where there are no lines between radio and other media, we have the "permission" of each of our "listeners" to invite them to a relationship with us across platforms. I explore this issue in this excerpt from a presentation I gave with Joaquin Alvarado, the SVP Digital Strategy and Education of American Public Media.  The event was the Integrated Media Association Conference in Austin on the cusp of SXSW. Watch this interchange with Joaquin and you'll get a good sense of where I see radio's future headed (and hear why I think the notion of … [Read more...]


Just how “Social” is Public Radio?

Let's suppose you provided a very specific product - unique to the world.  Let's suppose the demand for that product was enormous, so much so that many consumers of it do what most radio listeners would never do:  They actually pay for it.  Suppose the consumers for this product have enormous trust in the brand, a vast sense of "us" - a sense that we who consume this product are similar to each other in important ways and different from others who are apart from our community.  Let's suppose the relationship to this brand is so strong that many consumers choose to do the unthinkable:  They … [Read more...]

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