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Will Kickstarter Disrupt Public Radio?

Kickstarter is one of several crowdsourced funding platforms.  Have a pet project?  Post it there and let the crowd fund it for you (or not). Recently the folks at public radio program developer PRX (friends of mine) have been experimenting with crowdsourcing development funds for some of their programs, including the third season of a show about design and architecture, 99% Invisible. The results for this show in particular have been very strong:  Almost $100,000 raised as of this writing - more than double their goal. GigaOm argues that this kind of funding model might upset the … [Read more...]


Just how “Social” is Public Radio?

Let's suppose you provided a very specific product - unique to the world.  Let's suppose the demand for that product was enormous, so much so that many consumers of it do what most radio listeners would never do:  They actually pay for it.  Suppose the consumers for this product have enormous trust in the brand, a vast sense of "us" - a sense that we who consume this product are similar to each other in important ways and different from others who are apart from our community.  Let's suppose the relationship to this brand is so strong that many consumers choose to do the unthinkable:  They … [Read more...]

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