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Here’s How Digital Makes Audio Content Better – NPR’s Anya Grundmann

Think digital and radio are two separate worlds and digital learnings can't make audio content across platforms better and more popular? Think again. Anya Grundmann is NPR's Vice President for Programming and Audience Development. She leads NPR's programming center and its strategy for program acquisition, evaluation, and development. In this remarkable presentation from hivio, Anya shares what NPR has learned from its digital efforts and how those digital efforts have enhanced their ability to create outstanding audio content. This presentation is a must-see for anyone in the … [Read more...]


Radio Sellers and Programmers are finally on the Same Side

Value to clients is about more than running ads.  And value to consumers is about more than simply playing music. That's the new world of radio today. No longer is there a "sales side" or a "programming side."  Nowadays there's only one "side" and it's the "value side." Value to clients and consumers at the very same time - mediated by your brand. In the digital space, its all about value - not about interruptive ads stuck in the middle of valued content. In many ways, the client's content IS the valued content. Watch this brief overview of the "value side" and why it's the only side … [Read more...]


How the Internet can Save Radio

Is the Internet TV's "secret sauce?"  And how can it be the same for radio? From MediaPost: Even with the boom in social media, TV is apparently roaring. One reason: a certain synergy has developed, where TV brand-building is driving Internet deep-diving. The dynamic has an element of direct response to it, with advertisers eager to drive people to the Web to make a purchase, get more information about a product, watch an added video, or become a Facebook friend and, if exceedingly lucky, become a brand evangelist. Chris Geraci, a managing director at OMD, noted Wednesday how the … [Read more...]


Do Radio Programmers and Sellers Hate Each Other?

Okay, that's an exaggeration.  Let's just say the average program director and the average seller don't always see eye-to-eye. And who can blame them? After all, on one side they're protecting the product experience for the audience, and on the other side they're protecting the business model for the clients, the owners, and the employees. But here's the newsflash:  All that is changing. Watch this video and see how the structure of the average radio station is all wrong.  And a new structure will yield unparalleled cooperation between the product folks and the sales folks who, for … [Read more...]

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