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Why Nothing Changes in Talk Radio

Today, I'm taking a back seat to the inimitable Darryl Parks, a legend in the world of commercial radio spoken word. Darryl has an extraordinarily blunt and insightful perspective on what ails Talk Radio, and you can read it here. A few highlights: I guess I hit close to home with my prior blog post on the Ratings Disaster that is today’s talk radio. The June PPM’s suck for talk radio. Hell. The diary markets coming in are bringing little joy. And many in the talk radio industry just sit back and continue on autopilot with the same hard line conservative narrative hour after hour, ignoring … [Read more...]


Why Aren’t Radio Program Directors Compensated on Top Line Revenue?

Once upon a time a radio station featured two opposing forces: The sellers who sold the ads that interrupted the content and the programmers who created the content to grow the audience that sellers interrupted. The system was built to do two things: Maximize the audience and then throw obstacles at them - spots - that blocked their ability to enjoy the content they came to the brand for in the first place. Sounds like a house of cards, doesn't it? While each side - sellers and programmers - needed the other, the success of each was also compromised by the other. As if to reinforce this … [Read more...]


Local Public Radio: What To Do…

...in a world where the networks you pay for content circumvent you by distributing much of that same content online? This is a complicated question, but it's one that branding authority Tom Asacker tackles with me in this highlight from our conversation at the recent Public Radio Program Director's conference in Las Vegas. Is it as simple as "more local news" because newspapers are folding (pun intended) all over America? Oh no it isn't.  Not nearly. Watch (or click on the post title if there's no video image): [iframe … [Read more...]


Does your Radio Brand need a “Content Director”?

Media brands the world over are reconceptualizing the old-fashioned role of the "program director" into something entirely new, the "content director." This is not simply a change in labels, as I explain in the video below, but a major change in responsibility and in the aspiration of the one-time radio-only brand across its various platforms.  Indeed, it may be that some folks who qualify to be "program director" don't measure up to the challenge of "content director." One of the facts of life in our evolving media age is that the corners of our "box" are changing - they're getting … [Read more...]


Your Program Director has the Wrong Job

Most radio program directors have little or no incentive to develop the station's digital assets and so these assets go undeveloped. Most will tell you their job is, frankly, to generate ratings and enable the revenue which flows directly from those ratings.  And indeed it is, but is that a problem in a cross-platform media world? Is that a problem in a world where attention and consumers and advertisers and dollars are moving in all directions digital? Is that a problem in a world where any brand is "media" and a premium is placed on experiences that live in many venues and many forms … [Read more...]


The End of the “Program Director”

The other day I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR.  The program was closing and Terry Gross was reading credits when she said something this: "And the Chief Content Officer of WHYY is Christine Dempsey." Chief Content Officer? In virtually every other radio station today that's what we call the "Program Director." This is, of course, much more than wordplay. Back in July National Public Radio announced that it would hereafter be known by its acronym, NPR. Wait, wasn't that already what National Public Radio was? Yes, but only in the same way that IBM was also … [Read more...]

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