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hivio 2016: How to Transform Personalities into Digital Brands

Every high profile brand and personality must now think of themselves as digital brands, but how? Chris Balfe has the answer. He's a Partner at Red Seat Ventures. Red Seat partners with high profile individuals and brands to build unique digital businesses. Initial clients include Premiere Networks and motion picture producer Blumhouse. Prior to founding Red Seat, Balfe was President & COO of Mercury Radio Arts as well as CEO of TheBlaze. TheBlaze pioneered a brand new direct-to-consumer subscription model, while TheBlaze.com became one of the top 100 website in the world. Here … [Read more...]


The Shocking (Un)Reality of Radio

Shocking! Some radio shows evidently use voice actors instead of authentic callers! The entertainment programs (and we are talking almost exclusively about entertainment programs, not talk shows) who use such techniques should be ashamed of themselves! How dare they swap authenticity for entertainment!  Give me boring authenticity any day, that’s why I listen to the radio, to be bored out of my skull! The rest of the world is real, why not the radio? Next you’re going to tell me that supermodels are airbrushed, politicians tell half-truths, and the reality TV stars chatting over … [Read more...]


“News/Talk is Too Narrow”

So says David Hall, one of the best known names in the Talk Radio business. And David doesn't just mean that it's too Conservative.  He also means that the political dimension of Talk Radio is simply too thin to support every "spoken word" station in America, and I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with that. Where is the new talent?  Where are the broadcasters who are taking risks?  Where are the experiments? David and I have a wide-ranging conversation about the prospects for News/Talk, and what might happen if things don't change.  Hint:  It might get ugly. Watch the video … [Read more...]

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