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Will Half of Terrestrial Radio Stations Disappear?

A recent Borrell report provided a slew of predictions for the media space over the next ten years, but none was more alarming to radio broadcasters than Prediction No. 4: The prediction: Car-dashboard options diminish AM/FM radio listening. Half the terrestrial stations disappear. Only those with strongest and most valuable audiences remain. Smartphones become radios. The knee-jerk response to this for folks in the industry is to reject it out of hand. But let’s look closer with an open mind. First, the premise here – and this is something I have stressed for some time – is that a … [Read more...]


Predictions for Radio in 2014

Tom Taylor offered up some questions for radio to ponder in 2014. I thought I'd take this opportunity to answer them: 1. Connected car - friend or foe? Both - and neither. The connected car doesn't care about you, radio. It cares only about the consumers on the buying end of the auto transaction and, of course, the automakers on the manufacturing end. Radio will be of value in the connected car in direct proportion to the value radio brands provide to consumers. In a world crowded with choices, consumers will embrace them and even seek them out. Without doubt, this will come at the … [Read more...]


Trends for Radio in 2011 – Talking with Jim Kerr

Triton Media's Jim Kerr peers into the crystal ball to anticipate what is ahead for radio in 2011. Jim is VP Strategy for Triton, and so is at the center of change in the radio industry.  Together, we touch on some of the key themes of change Jim outlined in his recent article in Venturebeat. Jim is a sharp observer of radio's potentialities, and I strongly urge you to tune in to his predictions (click below). [iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/18797458?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 281] We also talk about the challenge posed to radio by hyperlocal platforms like … [Read more...]

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