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The State of Online Radio

What's new in online radio and what are the implications for advertising? That was the topic in a recent conference call hosted for a technology audience, not an audience of broadcasters. One of my great joys is listening in or participating in the Yi-Tan Tech Community "Conversations about Change" call.  It's a weekly conference call directed towards tech-savvy listeners, executives, and investors, and it's hosted by Jerry Michalski and Pip Coburn. Recently the topic was the state of online radio and its value as an advertising medium. I was one of the guests on the call along … [Read more...]


How Change will Transform Media

We all know things are changing and changing fast. But what's the best way for broadcasters to cope with that change and leverage it to their advantage? Pip Coburn knows the answer. Pip is head of Coburn Ventures, a change advisor to major investors and corporations worldwide. He's also the author of a book that analyzes the DNA of change and how to leverage it: The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn. Pip and his team are truly sharp analysts of change, and his way of looking at our world will startle you. Don't think in terms of … [Read more...]

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