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Local TV leads the way for Social Media

"Facebook is now the web’s content discovery portal," writes social TV blog Lost Remote. "The average user spends 6 hours and 36 minutes a month on Facebook, and 50% of Facebook users return daily." Consider this alongside the idea that most of what TV produces will be available on the web, too, in short order.  That means, quoting Lost Remote, that "everything TV stations produce and distribute now goes head-to-head with everything else." Isn't this also largely true of radio? The ways you can hear a radio-like stream of music and the flavors in which that stream can be consumed were … [Read more...]


News/Talk Radio becomes News/Talk VIDEO

What do you call a News/Talk station that's investing in original web video programming? You call it a station that understands "news" is what the consumer wants, the way he wants it.  "News" is not a newscast or the kind of news that limits itself to audio. And Bonneville's KTAR has one such station.  They debuted a modest investment in video equipment (and I mean more than Flip cams, thank you) during the recent election.  This represents exclusive video content - not a camera in the air studio playing the voyeur to a simulcast radio show. Here's a peek at what they … [Read more...]

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