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The NAB doesn’t seem to understand Radio’s Future

Sometimes the NAB doesn't understand the future of its own industry. I'm referring to one point written by NAB to Radio Ink and following up their royalty settlement proposal which was evidently so out of tune with the expectations of the folks on the other side of the table, they have reportedly called off any further negotiations: Consider what we might get in return [for paying a performance fee]...Decreased streaming rates and the ability to simulcast our signal -- commercials and all -- on our respective websites, increasing radio's ability to grow our online revenue. This is so full … [Read more...]


Radio is about to Make a Very Bad Bet

Theoretically it makes all the sense in the world: The labels want higher licensing fees from radio?  Fine, then radio wants a faster and easier path between its past and its future. Sounds good - assuming radio has any sense whatsoever as to where its future lies.  Unfortunately, recent history has indicated that nothing could be further from the truth. From Radio Ink: Under the terms approved by the Radio Board, broadcast stations that play music would pay between .25 percent and 1 percent of net revenues. A law requiring cellphones to include a radio chip -- with an "acceptable … [Read more...]


Everything you Need to Know about FM Radio Chips in Mobile Phones and NextRadio

Will FM be built into every mobile phone near you? Only time will tell.  But let's consider some common questions and answers related to this possibility, all from my perspective. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Question:  With FM on mobile phones I will no longer need to stream my content, right? Think of the money I'll save! Answer:  Wrong.  The purpose of streaming existing and new content via the Internet is not just to be present on mobile devices but to provide the heart of a broader brand experience attractive to consumers and advertisers alike. Dumping … [Read more...]


Radio’s Wrong-Headed Performance Royalty Plan

Dear National Association of Broadcasters: I know you guys mean well.  I know you are listening hard to your constituency of broadcasters and trying your best to serve their will. But someone in your esteemed organization needs to stand back and assess what's in the best long-term interests of the medium you are sworn to represent.  Someone at NAB needs to admonish the kids at the broadcaster's dinner table that just because they want a milkshake for dinner doesn't mean it's good for them. Yes, I'm talking about radio's performance royalty plan. I am no expert in this matter, but … [Read more...]

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