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A Tale of Two Streaming Brands

In the past few weeks I have connected with two wildly different broadcasters. Both were smart and skilled with successful radio stations under their command. Both were located in smallish markets. But one is on course to bill a quarter of a million dollars strictly from their streaming effort, while the other asked whether there was any reason they shouldn’t abandon streaming altogether, financial black hole that it is. How can two smart broadcasters have such polar opposite experiences with regard to monetizing their online radio streams? It’s all about the way you think and … [Read more...]


12 Satisfying Seconds of Advertising

So I'm listening to Pandora on my home audio/TV system via my Blu-Ray DVD player. I was tuned in for about an hour as I read a book, listening to my custom-made Holiday music channel (lest you think I'm seasonally appropriate, I am that guy who listens to this kind of stuff all year long.  Yes, I am that guy). After about thirty minutes, I heard and saw my first ad.  It was for Glade's Winter Collection, a line of products designed with the Holiday consumer in mind and in its bullseye.  The spot ran for 12 seconds.  It was matched to the tone of the channel, matched to the visual "album … [Read more...]


Simulcast your Spots on Radio and Online? Don’t.

Plenty of broadcasters are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to simulcast their radio stations over their online streams, including 100 percent of their over-the-air spots. Right now, some sticky AFTRA rules preclude this for the most part. If we're lucky, the thinking goes, the stream will add to the over-the-air credit and we'll be rewarded with a bounty at ratings time. This thinking is not only wrong, it's short-sighted and hazardous. The odds are very much against any more than a chance tick in the Arbitron ratings thanks to the stream.  Besides, if our philosophy is to use … [Read more...]

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