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SiriusXM is Stealing Your Fans

It's largely off the radar for most broadcasters but I have noticed something interesting in the past year or so: Satellite radio is getting more important to consumers. I do regular proprietary research studies for broadcasters all over America, and one of my basic measures is the "favorite station" metric. For the many music stations I have conducted these studies for in markets large and small, the majority feature "SiriusXM" as one of the top 12 "favorite stations or services" in the market. Now I know that SiriusXM, like Pandora, packs many stations under one roof; this should … [Read more...]


Don’t Simulcast your On-Air and Online Radio Spots

Talk to many broadcasters and you'll hear a common refrain:  We wish we could simulcast our on-air spots with our online ones and bundle those impressions in one Arbitron number. Well, be careful what you wish for. AFTRA rules get in the way of simulcasting these spots on-air and online in the US, but in the UK there is no such restriction and broadcasters are free to simulcast spots or split them as they wish.  Historically, most have simulcasted. But now that is beginning to change. Clive Dickens has this piece of advice for any US broadcaster hoping to lump these spots … [Read more...]


Arbitron’s Small Sample Problem – it’s Worse than you Think

It's not news that Arbitron has a problem with small samples in PPM markets. Every broadcaster in these markets has bumped into this problem at one time or another, usually with either delightful or devastating ratings consequences. Let's look at this problem from a different perspective: Forget ratings and consider cancer rates in the US.  Did you know that the lowest cancer rates occur in the the least populated communities? Aha, obviously it's the quality of life in these sparse communities that contributes to their greater health, right? Now what if I were to tell you that the … [Read more...]


What’s the Future of Radio in Cars?

What will the dashboard look like in the car of the very near future? And what will radio look like there? Those are some of the questions addressed by Jake Sigal, founder and principal of Livio Radio, a company committed to getting music from the Internet into peoples' ears, especially in the car. A personalized mobile device (and aren't they all?) will personalize your dashboard, and it will allow you to control your content safely, by touch and by voice. Where does this leave radio?  What are the advantages (and weaknesses) of radio in an anything, everywhere mobile … [Read more...]


Why Simulcasting Ads on Radio Streams is Dumb

Yesterday I talked with a broadcaster who is considering simulcasting their over-the-air stations with their online streams, including ads. Is this a big middle finger to AFTRA rules which (for now at least) discourage such actions?  You bet it is. They are not alone.  The radio industry's dirty little secret is that many broadcasters are matching their on-air content to their streams, including ads, even as their competitors comply with the rules and "play fair." So why are they considering this, and why is it the easiest and biggest mistake they will make for their … [Read more...]


Where is Radio (Online and On-Air) Headed?

Recently the good folks at Spacial Audio Systems interviewed me about all kinds of issues related to the trajectory of online (and on-air) radio. Among the questions we covered in this short video: Where is online radio headed? Is "good radio" the same as it was a generation ago? How can online broadcasters differentiate themselves? What are the consequences of visualizing radio as a "sandbox" in the presence of which consumers and their friends play together? Where is conventional radio headed (hint:  off-band)? Why is it more important to be about something than to fill a … [Read more...]


Strategies to Monetize Your Digital Assets Now

What is it going to take for the radio industry to profit from its digital potential? That's the topic I took up with Brian Benedik, president of Katz 360. Are broadcasters structured the right way to make this happen (I think they're not)?  Are we committed enough to digital programs, or do we strangle them before giving them the chances they need?  Just how big is the digital opportunity in terms of real dollars?  And how much of that opportunity will come from your local market? Check out this video for those answers and more. [iframe … [Read more...]


Online Radio just became More Legit

Last week the Media Rating Council bestowed their accreditation on Triton Digital Media's (formerly AndoMedia's) measurement platform for online radio. That's equivalent to a "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for Triton Digital's methodologies, procedures, and metrics.  And it bestows on the whole category of online radio more of the measurement credibility that traditional advertisers demand.  It will, in other words, help to open the advertising floodgates. I spoke with Rob Favre, Triton Digital's Chief Compliance Officer and GM of Data and Analytics, about this news and what it … [Read more...]

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