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What Podcasting Can’t Do

Is podcasting the hot new thing? Maybe. But it is not the hot everything, not even when it comes to audio. Look at Facebook, a platform that was driven primarily by text until recently, when it became driven primarily by images and later by video. Now the big news is that Facebook is pivoting towards LIVE video. Facebook is reportedly tweaking their algorithm so that you'll see a lot more live video in your newsfeeds. According to a company post, "Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no … [Read more...]


Our Podcasts are a Mess – Here’s how to Make Them Better

Most broadcasters get the logic for providing audio content online by streaming and on-demand. We focus a lot on streaming because it's most analogous to what we do on the air, but we don't focus much on the function of people searching for audio content they want and consuming it on their own timetable.  Whether we call this "podcasting" or something else, it doesn't matter.  It remains something that many stations do, but very few do particularly well. Why do so many stations do this so poorly?  Because they don't know what it takes to do it well.  They don't know the best … [Read more...]


Slacker adds On-Demand Features

Here's part two of my conversation with Slacker VP Marketing Jonathan Sasse. In part one we discussed the future of online radio - especially the shape online radio will take in your automobiles. Here we complete the chat with an overview of the new premium on-demand service coming soon to Slacker which will put Slacker on par with existing and forthcoming services like Rhapsody, Spotify, Rdio and other services. (If that sounds like a crowded field, it is.  But why should Slacker fans spend their money elsewhere if this is an additional service Slacker can provide?) Here's the … [Read more...]


An On-Demand World? Somebody tell Sirius XM

It's an on-demand world. How many times have you heard that? Consumers - especially younger ones - can't begin to fathom anything as quaint and antiquated as "appointment viewing" or "appointment listening" because everything and anything they want is available now, in one form, another, or all of them at once. If there's any brand that imagines an alternate universe where none of this is true, it's Sirius XM. Content is their mantra over at Sirius XM, and there are more than 100 channels to find that content.  Each one littered with a "special" this or an "exclusive" that.  Each … [Read more...]

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