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hivio – the Radio Ideas Festival – is THURSDAY!

And if you're not here in San Diego in person, you can watch it live! It's the first-ever radio ideas festival and it's happening on Thursday this week. It's FREE - and it's invitation-only. We have a room full of people attending at a quirky downtown San Diego location. The day will include in-depth Q&A with brands, agencies, and media as well as trend-defining presentations. It will stream live in two parts - morning and afternoon. I'll update this blog post to share the URL's for those streams when they're available on Thursday. Home-base for the event is http://hivio.com. And … [Read more...]


Radio’s Nu Marketing Voodoo

"Pray and spray" is rarely the most effective form of marketing. How can you target potential station listeners across platforms (mail and digital) using ingredients that are personalized to the individual on the other side of that marketing outreach? Not personalized by format or by neighborhood or PRIZM code, but personalized to you? Carolyn Gilbert, Mike O'Connor, and their new marketing company nuvoodoo have one answer. Watch this video and we'll walk you through what's wrong with conventional marketing for radio stations and what's new about this marketing voodoo: [iframe … [Read more...]

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