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“We Don’t Feel Like We’re a Radio Station”

You can limit yourself by your delivery mechanism. That's the message from Jennifer Ferro, General Manager of LA's legendary non-commercial juggernaut KCRW. Quoting Jennifer: We have never thought of ourselves as a radio station. The radio is just the delivery device.  It's all the gooey stuff that we think up, create, and analyze that makes us what we are. And KCRW most recently illustrated this very concept in their groundbreaking iPad app, the Music Mine, developed in conjunction with PRX. Watch and listen to the way Jennifer describes the vision for KCRW, and recognize that she … [Read more...]


What the new KCRW iPad app means for you

To really understand the opportunities available to expand a radio brand you need to begin by understanding why the brand exists and why the audience should care. If you have a reason to exist - a mission, if you will - then you can expand your brand across platforms in a manner which fits that mission, even if it means creating applications which don't quite look like the brand they emerged from. So it is with the cool new iPad app from KCRW, called the KCRW Music Mine. KCRW is, as you may know, most famous for curating music discovery - or, as regular folks might say, it's a station … [Read more...]

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