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Radio and Music Discovery – What it Really Means

You've probably heard about the new Nielsen study indicating that radio remains the leading way folks discover new music. From RollingStone.com: Forty-eight percent of listeners discover music via FM and AM stations, according to a new Nielsen Music 360 study of 3,000 online consumers. In second place for music discovery are friends and relatives at 10 percent, followed by YouTube at just seven percent. This strikes many folks as a surprise, but it shouldn't. Yet check out Rolling Stone's incredulous tone: Although Nielsen didn't break down the demographics of the survey group, it … [Read more...]


What the new KCRW iPad app means for you

To really understand the opportunities available to expand a radio brand you need to begin by understanding why the brand exists and why the audience should care. If you have a reason to exist - a mission, if you will - then you can expand your brand across platforms in a manner which fits that mission, even if it means creating applications which don't quite look like the brand they emerged from. So it is with the cool new iPad app from KCRW, called the KCRW Music Mine. KCRW is, as you may know, most famous for curating music discovery - or, as regular folks might say, it's a station … [Read more...]

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