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Gordon Borrell on Radio’s “Miserable” Digital Sales Progress

Gordon Borrell is a fan of radio, but not of radio's performance on the digital sales front. How are radio's digital selling efforts different from those of other media platforms? It turns out they differ quite a lot. It's a sad thing, says Borrell, and radio is on the verge of "blowing it." You need to go to the highest level in the organization, says Borrell, to make the investments required to keep radio healthy for the long run. Watch this conversation with Gordon Borrell.  In it, he explains how radio's potential is great, but how it's at risk. He explains how too much short-term … [Read more...]


Radio’s Social Media Performance is Pathetic

Worse than pathetic:  Atrocious. Let's assess... First, let me be clear:  I'm not talking so much about public radio - the service-oriented folks - but about commercial radio - the folks who make the money and have all the incentive to make more. The average commercial radio station - and here I'm talking about the average one with a website or maybe even the average one with an online radio stream, neither of which are quite average - has dipped its toe into social media in the following way:  It has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter feed.  Or one or the other. Great. Let's … [Read more...]

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