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Pandora: Internet Radio Growth coming from AM/FM

So says Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy in this opening session highlight from the recent Worldwide Radio Summit, moderated by Triton's Mike Agovino. Joe also shares some stats on reduced TSL for radio and matches that against the growth for Internet Radio.  These are stats that are not often publicized in the radio industry. Let's be frank:  Of course some Internet radio growth will come from radio. Maybe most of it will come from radio.  And it will not stop people from listening to the radio.  Rather, it will shave away quarter-hours from radio, just as every other entertainment distraction … [Read more...]


Arbitron Measurement: TAM or SCAM?

The following was written by Triton Media COO Mike Agovino and is reposted here with his permission.  I think Mike is completely right, so I wanted to share this with you. There's a lot of noise in the marketplace about Arbitron launching a new "Total Audience Measurement" product and that product being endorsed in advance by some broadcasters. Where to begin? How about here: the radio industry should be outraged. As you all are aware, Triton also owns a measurement product, MRC-accredited Webcast Metrics. How much revenue do we realize from this industry-sanctioned product? Less … [Read more...]


Watch the Opening Session of the Worldwide Radio Summit LIVE Online

In a first for the radio industry, the opening session of an upcoming industry event is being streamed LIVE online and you can watch it from the comfort of your own desk - for free! I'm talking about the first annual Worldwide Radio Summit next week in LA.  It's brought to you by All Access. I am moderating the opening session, and you are invited to watch.  Here are the details: KEYNOTE PANEL: THE FUTURE OF "ALL THINGS RADIO" 9-10:30 am PT, Friday April 29, 2011 Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends and future forecast for "all things radio." Whether it be … [Read more...]


The Evolving Economics of Online Radio – a talk with Triton’s Mike Agovino

Does radio have a future in the world of online radio? Or is this a future that belongs to the pure-plays - the Pandoras and the Slackers? I sat down with Triton Media COO Mike Agovino to discuss the transforming economics of online radio.  Triton, whose clients include both radio and pure-plays, is in a unique position to see the online radio landscape in its entirety, and what Mike sees is good news for broadcasters. In this conversation, Mike covers both the cost and the revenue side of the online radio equation.  He talks about the "oppressive" licensing fees now forced on any … [Read more...]


Triton’s Mike Agovino on Radio’s Social Media Future

Last week I ranted about the scope of radio's social media problem (strongly recommended reading).  Like it or not, control has shifted from the companies who own the media licenses to the consumers who own the new tools of media.  And with that shift comes a new opportunity. What will it take for radio to grapple with this challenge and this opportunity? While Triton Media is not alone is pursuing an answer to this problem, they certainly seem to be first out of the gate.  I have seen a preview of their soon-to-bow solution, and it is bound to shake things up in the U.S. and … [Read more...]

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