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2 Minutes of Spots Per Hour – Radio’s Future?

By now you're probably familiar with the recently announced initiative from FOX that will reduce commercial content to just two minutes per hour by 2020. This comes as audiences are spending less time on network TV and more time on OTT (over the top) platforms like Amazon and Netflix. While in some cases younger demographics have opted away from traditional TV altogether, the greatest problem is the reduced time spent viewing on traditional TV, particularly among younger demographics. This is a problem that TV and radio tend to share for some of the same reasons (more choices, more … [Read more...]


Scale: It’s Easier to Have than to Get

A recent Mediapost piece commented on the inevitable consolidation of players in the every-day-a-new-entrant social TV space.  This is the ecosystem surrounding your favorite shows and fresh ways to interact with them and with your friends in their presence via second screen digital platforms. The whole notion of social interactions surrounding entertainment brands is something I have been talking about for some time, and it remains an area relatively unexplored by radio broadcasters. But the Mediapost piece makes an important point: Viewers need clear locations to get their social TV … [Read more...]


How the Internet can Save Radio

Is the Internet TV's "secret sauce?"  And how can it be the same for radio? From MediaPost: Even with the boom in social media, TV is apparently roaring. One reason: a certain synergy has developed, where TV brand-building is driving Internet deep-diving. The dynamic has an element of direct response to it, with advertisers eager to drive people to the Web to make a purchase, get more information about a product, watch an added video, or become a Facebook friend and, if exceedingly lucky, become a brand evangelist. Chris Geraci, a managing director at OMD, noted Wednesday how the … [Read more...]


The Key to Building Value in Radio

This week Mediapost columnist Diane Mermigas summed up the challenge for media companies so succinctly, I wanted to showcase the core of her point so it doesn't get lost: The key to building value is using interactivity to create complementary or additive -- not substitute -- offerings that extend or reinvent traditional advertising, content and communications. Read that again, because it's vitally important. We are in the middle of an unyielding cycle of creation and destruction. We witness TV Guide and Newsweek sold for a combined total of $2, each buried in debt. We watch as the … [Read more...]

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