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Me, My Family, and My Neighborhood

"Local” or “not local” is the wrong way to think about news and entertainment on the radio. When it comes to information, for example, there are two flavors – one kind is relevant to me, my family, or my neighborhood. The other kind is entertainment. Here is an overview of consumers' “circles of interest”: At the center is ME. Then my FAMILY. Then my NEIGHBORHOOD. Why not a circle for city (i.e., "local") news? Because the only city news that matters to me is the kind that affects me, my family, and my neighborhood (with the singular and important exception of local … [Read more...]


Technology (and Media) After Steve

One of the lasting gifts of technology in general and Steve Jobs and Apple in particular is not the technology itself but what that technology allows us to do. I don't just mean what "problems" the technology can solve.  Nor do I only mean what tasks that technology allows us to complete - its function in the world. While technology does put the proverbial power in the hands of the people to unsettle and disrupt one mature and profitable mega-industry after another, it does something else today - something important: It lets us express who we are and thus be more of who we want to … [Read more...]

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