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This is Research Steve Jobs Never Would Have Used

I have nothing against Mark Kassof, although I interviewed for a job with him at the very beginning of my career and he didn't hire me. Of course, some would say he made the right decision there. Kassof just released a piece of research which aims to prove not only that radio is primarily "local" but woe unto any broadcaster who thinks otherwise. Here's his first question: Now think about media – TV, radio, newspapers, the internet and so on. Some media are mainly local – focused on serving one city or town – while others are mainly national – focused on the serving the entire … [Read more...]


Behold, The Car Dashboard Crisis!

Panic is in the streets following two events this week: First, a Mark Kassof study which revealed the unsurprising news that 83% of a sample of radio general managers and executives view Internet access in cars as “a threat” to “traditional radio,” (whatever that means). A threat? What about an opportunity, Mr. Broadcaster?! Your experiences can be delivered by digital means, too, after all. And if they’re worthy, magnetic digital experiences, there’s nothing but blue sky ahead. So let’s stop the communal whine and get busy! And I mean that with all due respect. Second, a tidbit … [Read more...]


Radio is not “Just About Radio”

Mark Kassof wrote about some interesting research where he concluded that Pandora "is not just about radio." Of course Pandora "isn't just about radio," but nor is radio "just about radio." Is it "about radio" when your station monetizes a daily deals platform?  Is it "about radio" when local events turn a profit for your brand?  Is it "about radio" when you are monetizing your streams or videos or other digital content elements that live in on a platform other than "radio." In fact, it's never "about radio."  It's always about consumers and your clients and how to gather them in each … [Read more...]

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