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Radio’s Biggest Problem: Leadership

Relevance is a funny thing. Many of radio's leaders will argue radio's relevance is proved by its widespread consumer usage. Hogwash. Usage is a temporal thing. It is a byproduct of relevance but it is not relevance. Relevance is relevance. And long-lived goods and services which are not as relevant to me and my life as newer goods and services will be disrupted and displaced by those newer goods and services over time. So never take refuge in being popular. Just ask MySpace. Likewise, relevance is not simply being present in every place and on every device. This is another … [Read more...]


Un-Music is the Future of Radio

One of radio's biggest problems is that our industry has a tendency to imagine itself inside a bubble. A bubble where the best practices emerge from the broadcaster across the street or across the country rather than from a different medium altogether or the entrepreneur slaving away in his or her garage, powered by a non-stop supply of Red Bulls. The problem with "bubble" thinking is that when what you do is re-imagined, it's rarely re-imagined by your direct competitor.  Instead, it's re-imagined by someone who, until that moment, wasn't even on your competitive radar. And it's … [Read more...]


How to Launch New Content Successfully

In the race to kickoff something new with maximum success, look no further than AMC and its new hit series Rubicon. Rubicon is AMC's biggest series debut ever.  It follows in the wake of previous successes Mad Men and Breaking Bad. So how did the AMC folks make this such a successful bow? Well, for starters they provided a full length sneak peak of episode one on the tail end of the season wrap-up of Breaking Bad.  Not only that, but if you DVR'd Breaking Bad like I did, the sneak episode of Rubicon was actually "hidden" in the Breaking Bad recording.  So you didn't need to look for … [Read more...]

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