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How Social Media Can Improve Your Radio Station’s Ratings

Why are you investing the time, energy, and effort you're putting into social media? And more importantly, are you investing that energy right? I could write a post about tactical techniques to spike listenership via social media, but authorities like NuVooDoo will happily walk you through exactly that kind of campaign. Instead, I want to write about something larger: How does your brand view social media and its ongoing role in stoking attention, interest, tune-in, and tune-back to your station? Here I'm talking about the over-the-air manifestation of your brand. There are a host of … [Read more...]


Local TV leads the way for Social Media

"Facebook is now the web’s content discovery portal," writes social TV blog Lost Remote. "The average user spends 6 hours and 36 minutes a month on Facebook, and 50% of Facebook users return daily." Consider this alongside the idea that most of what TV produces will be available on the web, too, in short order.  That means, quoting Lost Remote, that "everything TV stations produce and distribute now goes head-to-head with everything else." Isn't this also largely true of radio? The ways you can hear a radio-like stream of music and the flavors in which that stream can be consumed were … [Read more...]


TV is going Social and Interactive; What about Radio?

It is estimated that 23% of American consumers will own a tablet by 2012 (up from an estimated 12% now).  Tablets are built to be interactive media devices (among other things) and their penetration will only promote the transformation of TV into an interactive experience, including interactive advertising. And the explosion of apps powered by mobile devices and tablets alike has enabled a slew of startups built around the proposition of socializing the TV experience. For example, Yahoo's IntoNow listens to what you're watching: IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your … [Read more...]


The Tiny Footprint of Local News Online

The audience for local news online is surprisingly small. From Lost Remote (one of my favorite blogs): A new report commissioned by the FCC discovered a “surprisingly small audience for local news traffic.” How small? Less than one in five news pageviews goes to local news sources — that’s a combination of newspaper sites, local TV sites and large independent news sites in a given market — and the average user spends just 0.45% of total internet time consuming local news. To make matters worse, local weather and traffic — staples of TV coverage — are becoming ubiquitous, built into … [Read more...]

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