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The Secrets to Facebook Engagement for Radio

Now that Facebook is all but "pay for play," what's the best way for you to maximize your time and your investment on the platform as you build out your social media engagement for your radio brand? No longer is it worth wasting time posting for posting's sake. And no longer is money involved in Facebook advertising so small that it doesn't matter. So what should you do? And what shouldn't you do? Those are the questions tackled in a new report based on an analysis of data from 800 million Facebook posts made in 2016. The researchers examined the number of shares, likes, and … [Read more...]


Does Radio “Need a New Story”?

Sometimes I just want to scream. Like when I read a piece in Radio Ink titled "Consumers do not know about the Power of Radio." That's right. With five radios in every household and radio presumably being a part of virtually everyone's daily habit, we consumers "do not know about the power of radio." We consumers must be stupid or something. As a result, say Radio Ink's 40 "Power Players," "Radio needs to tell a better story." Yes, the clichés are flying like monkey dung. Watch out, or a cliché might smack you upside the head! And the story includes a photo of the great Orson … [Read more...]


Why Should I “Like” You on Facebook?

No, I don't want you to tell me.  I want you to show me. When I get to your Facebook page why should I click the "Like" button? I am constantly amazed that so few radio stations have bothered to install the most rudimentary element of any Facebook fan destination - the landing page. Here, for example, is the Facebook page for a leading News/Talk station (I don't mean to pick on these guys.  I literally picked them at random from thousands of similar pages).  (Ignore the unfortunate fact that this particular News/Talk station hasn't updated their feed since yesterday at … [Read more...]


Want a FREE copy of my first book, Fresh Air?

It's yours for the taking! Just visit the Mark Ramsey Media Facebook page.  If you don't already "Like" the page, just follow the instructions on the landing page. If you DO already "Like" the page, then follow the instructions here. I regularly update this page with nuggets from across the mediaverse that are relevant to your future viewed through my own particular lens.  I also frequently post content days or weeks before it appears here in the blog. I also want to make a subtle point to broadcasters who have not thought beyond the occasional Facebook wall post.  If you want … [Read more...]

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